Stuff I’ve written & said

Looking for a quick overview of my thinking? Or just like reminiscing about old blog posts? Here is some stuff I’ve written/said/presented:

  1. The Tale of Two Robots – a talk I gave at WPP’s Stream event in 2011. It’s a parable about innovation, based on an excellent true story that I got to hear first hand. A couple of years later at the same event I gave this talk about mysoginist t-shirts and the internet. And most recently in 2014 I spoke about Survivor Bias.
  2. What’s wrong with Connections Planninga talk that I gave (with Goodby’s wonderful & brilliant Gareth Kay) at Planningness in 2009, the awesome and inspiring grassroots planning conference that rose up in place of the cancelled AAAAs event. This presentation really struck a nerve, has been downloaded 40,000 times, and continues to generate commentary & discussion.
  3. The grammar of social media – oddly, way back in 2008, I had the distinction of being one of the first people to make some observations about the Obama campaign’s use of social media. This short piece was picked up and quoted in all kinds of media, from Bruce Nussbaum in BusinessWeek to the front page of Design Observer to Don Tapscott’s book Growing up Digital. I wonder what happened to that Obama guy, anyway…
  4. Is research holding us back? – a provocation that I gave to the Market Research Industry Association conference in 2008.
  5. From crisis to control – a feature article on the state of marketing research published in the UK’s Research Magazine, the journal of the UK Market Research Society, in 2008
  6. Briefs – One from ancient history at my previous blog, some mandatory planner pondering and whinging about creative briefs.
  7. What your sexual history can tell us about market research – one of my favourite posts of all time.
  8. What research can’t tell you – another in a series of posts about the problems facing market research.
  9. Pre-testing part 1 and Pre-testing part 2 – a public debate I had with Nigel Hollis, chief global analyst at Millward Brown, about the worth and value of advertising pre-testing. Some heavyweights like Dr. Robert Heath weighed in. It was some good fun.
  10. Transmedia planning and brand communities – A piece I wrote on my previous blog, picking up where Faris left off, his and my two posts became a thing and still seem to get referenced all the time.

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