Toronto planning event

I’m very excited to share some details about an upcoming event for Toronto’s strategic planning community. First, some background. The idea for this came out of discussions I and a few other planners and strategy types have been having over the last 6 months. We realized a few things: There are thriving planning communities inContinue reading “Toronto planning event”

AAAA planning conference goodness

So the big AAAA planning conference is coming up in a month. And a couple of good things are shaping up. The first thing is if you’re a junior or intermediate planner with under 5 years experience, Planning For Good (which you can read more about here) is conducting a workshop on the Sunday beforeContinue reading “AAAA planning conference goodness”

Depeche planning

This coming Monday April 28th, join the worldwide Planning for Good breatheren for a really cool experiment. Recently, a topic of much discussion has been fast strategy: given today a brand’s speed to market and speed of reaction to events is a big advantage, the need for strategists to be able to generate good ideas faster, withContinue reading “Depeche planning”