AAAA planning conference goodness

So the big AAAA planning conference is coming up in a month. And a couple of good things are shaping up. The first thing is if you’re a junior or intermediate planner with under 5 years experience, Planning For Good (which you can read more about here) is conducting a workshop on the Sunday beforeContinue reading “AAAA planning conference goodness”

Depeche planning

This coming Monday April 28th, join the worldwide Planning for Good breatheren for a really cool experiment. Recently, a topic of much discussion has been fast strategy: given today a brand’s speed to market and speed of reaction to events is a big advantage, the need for strategists to be able to generate good ideas faster, withContinue reading “Depeche planning”

Planning For Good update

Lots of PFG news.   1) We have an official blog/website.  Check it out at 2) Membership is now up over 1,150 people around the world. Amazing.  3) A huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the UNICEF brief. Gareth and Ed presented to UNICEF last week and got a really positive response. The presentation will be posted publiclyContinue reading “Planning For Good update”