Planning For Good needs your help…


This is an urgent request to planning & strategy folk (responses needed by Monday March 23):


Can you help us help the Ideas Foundation?

It’s a fantastic UK charity that is committed to championing creativity in young people. It’s a mentoring program for 16-17 year olds which gives them the tools of communication (and some guidance from industry leaders) and enlists them to solve the problems facing their generation: e.g. get teenagers who are worried about crime the chance to change their peers’ behaviour through creativity.

In the Idea Foundation’s own words:

“We broker projects between industry and education.
We spot & develop young people’s creativity.
We pilot creative education projects and champion transferable skills within the creative industries and beyond.
We provide effective work experience, internship and apprenticeship opportunities. We signpost further & higher education routes to creative employment and enterprise.
And having done all that, we encourage our creativity scholars to stay in touch and get involved”

So here’s the shout out to Planning for Good types – do you have a social policy brief that you’ve written that these kids can do work from?

Maybe the client didn’t buy it? Maybe the suits or the CD didn’t like it? Or your boss? Or you?

So what are we after?

A brief to target a youth audience on a social policy area

It could be in areas such as smoking cessation, sexual health, knife or gun crime, drug or alchohol abuse, bullying, internet safety etc.

We’d really just like your old briefs.

Or, if you have a great social-cause strategy hiding somewhere in your brain, and really want to write a new brief, please feel free to do so but just make sure you include the usual information (the problem defined, the audience, etc) and try to ground it in reality and evidence…

Thanks very much in advance on behalf of the Ideas Foundation – we promise to keep you in touch with what folk send in and what they do with them.

Please send your briefs to Mark Earls at markearls [at] hotmail [dot] com by Monday night.

Or feel free to contact me/leave a comment if you have any questions.

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2 thoughts on “Planning For Good needs your help…

  1. Transparency in business and in life is an issue about which I’m passionate and I’ve written about it in this context before too.

    Being honest even when it hurts my pride has always paid off in the end and it has resulted in richer relationships and beautiful experiences with people.

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