Only in a woman’s world

The second campaign that we’ve just launched is for a few other Frito-Lay brands.

Frito-Lay is introducing some new products and reorganizing some of their their packaging and in-store shopping experiences to appeal more to women. As you can imagine, it’s a massive project for them.

To support those initiatives, we’ve created a new web video series called “Only in a woman’s world.

We launched it with a trailer last month that shot up to about a million views on YouTube.

On the heels of that trailer, the official launch of the series was this past weekend, with a red-carpet premiere in LA with a sprinkling of celebrities and invites to a great group of awesome female bloggers who helped us cover it. The first three episodes of the series are up today, with lots more to come.

The press is starting to roll in on this stuff, and there was a nice write up in the NY Times last week that delves into some of the upfront learning that was done to really understand women and snacking, work that took over a year and ranged from ethnography to neuroscience. Even better, it has the distinction of being the first campaign I’ve ever been involved with to be covered on entertainment news shows. The NYT is nice and all, but The Insider FTW!

One of the best things about this campaign was that the team, both client and agency, who worked on it was entirely female – and I think that played a massive role in it actually working.

Big congrats to everyone who worked on it for pulling this together, and especially to our clients who have been incredibly passionate about truly and deeply understanding the mindsets of women around snacking and media, and for being willing to step outside the confines of traditional advertising when it came time to do the communication.

UPDATE: Oh yeah – how could I forget – you can follow the series on Twitter too…

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2 thoughts on “Only in a woman’s world

  1. This is great, really impressive, everyone is talking about creating earned media content for brands but few actually take insights and target understanding to create something fresh and original that is watchable, and relevant to the brand. Kudos to you and the client, it takes two to tango.

  2. Ahhh! I actually saw this (spot where woman mourns the ‘loss’ of her stylist) tonight…think I was watching “Jon & Kate Plus 8” on TLC. Anyway, I liked the spot. I thought it was amusing and it got my attention. I thought it was some kind of short, so I’m happy to see this is part of a series of videos.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Flat Earth is part of the Lays product mix. I’ve eaten these snacks in the past and quite enjoyed the taste!

    Will the Minneapolis market be seeing any of these new in-store experiences?

    Nice work!

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