Happiness is simple

We’ve had a couple of big new campaigns launch in the US over the past few weeks. These have both been in the works for ages so it’s nice to finally see them out there and getting some positive response. And both are the kind of stuff that I’m honored to just have been in the same building with.

The first campaign is for Lay’s potato chips. This has been a great brand to work on. It’s huge (by some measures it’s the largest food brand in North America) and pretty much ubiquitous, which makes for an interesting challenge: how do you reintroduce people to something that they’re already deeply familiar with?

This is how we chose to do it:

The response has been great so far, both from industry press like Adweek (here and here) and Shoot Magazine who awarded Fireworks the ‘best music track of Winter 09’, but also from friends I have mad respect for like Charles and Paul.

And more than just these ads, I really like “Happiness is Simple” because it’s a great platform to build lots of stuff from, with a tonality that seems to fit well for today’s cultural climate.

Big props need to go to the whole team who worked on it, including some amazing clients for being brave enough to make some big changes on their biggest brand.

UPDATE – If you like the Lay’s work, the “Happy” spot is up for AdWeek’s “Freakiest ads of the month” – go vote!

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