Planning For Good needs your help…

This is an urgent request to planning & strategy folk (responses needed by Monday March 23): WE NEED SOME CAUSE-RELATED BRIEFS Can you help us help the Ideas Foundation? It’s a fantastic UK charity that is committed to championing creativity in young people. It’s a mentoring program for 16-17 year olds which gives them theContinue reading “Planning For Good needs your help…”

Toronto planning event

I’m very excited to share some details about an upcoming event for Toronto‚Äôs strategic planning community. First, some background. The idea for this came out of discussions I and a few other planners and strategy types have been having over the last 6 months. We realized a few things: There are thriving planning communities inContinue reading “Toronto planning event”

Only in a woman’s world

The second campaign that we’ve just launched is for a few other Frito-Lay brands. Frito-Lay is introducing some new products and reorganizing some of their their packaging and in-store shopping experiences to appeal more to women. As you can imagine, it’s a massive project for them. To support those initiatives, we’ve created a new webContinue reading “Only in a woman’s world”