Back in black



I’m back from a self-enforced six month blogging vacation.

I ran out of steam for a bunch of reasons, some too boring to talk about, some too personal to talk about, and some that I don’t even understand yet. But I realized that I needed to focus on work and other areas of my life, and to make time for that a few things had to give. This was one of them.

But I’m back. I missed it. I missed you (no, seriously). Normal service will resume shortly.

And thanks for sticking around.

Published by jasonoke

Global Client Leader, WPP Married to @meredithoke. I have some kids. I travel. I eat. I internet.

3 thoughts on “Back in black

  1. i was wondering where you got off to. for a guy who can’t have a cup of coffee without twittering it (or stepping foot in an airport) you were awfully quiet over here at

    good to see the voice back.

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