Likemind Toronto is this Friday. 

Same details as usual: come on out for breakfast, beverages, conversation and good times with people from the marketing, media, design and digital community in Toronto. And all at the same time as others are meeting in cities around the world. How cool is that?

Over Easy, 208 Bloor Street West (map).

Friday June 20, 8:00am.

Hope to see you there.

Published by jasonoke

Global Client Leader, WPP Married to @meredithoke. I have some kids. I travel. I eat. I internet.

One thought on “Likemind

  1. Thanks Jason

    I usually do not enjoy professional events – especially those that are aggressively positioned as “networking events” (It makes me cringe when I see a coffee break at a conference billed as a “networking break”).

    I have been to Likemind twice. They are very low key but both times I have met someone very interesting who I have continued the conversation with after the event.

    I sound like an infomercial

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