The purpose of information

Neil and Leland have mentioned a great quote from Mark Zuckerberg (founder/CEO of Facebook) which gets to the original sin many brands are committing these days, thinking we can just build branded communities that people will flock to.  As Mark says, that’s clearly mistaken:

“Communities already exist.  Instead, think about how you can help that community do what it wants to do.”
This reminded me of my favourite Zuckerberg quote (as reported by Esther Dyson at the Web 2.0 conference last year):
“The other guys think the purpose of communication is to get information. We think the purpose of information is to foster communication.”
So true, so good. Once again, it’s all about the social object.

By the way, if you haven’t already, check out Neil’s excellent presentation “What’s Next – How Social Media Changes the Rules For Good”. It rocks the casbah. And Neil’s a super nice guy.

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