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For those of you who live in the UK, I have a feature in this month’s Research Magazine, published by the nice people at the Marketing Research Society. Those of you who’ve followed my ramblings on the subject of market research will already be familiar with the subject matter. 

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One thought on “In the press

  1. It’s a very good article.

    I agree that the credibility of research suffers. Too often, researchers spin the data to give the best possible picture to clients. If data needs to be manipulated to back up a hunch, why bother doing it at all?

    I also think you make a great point about companies now talking to their customers directly. Why bother with cheap and cheerful claimed research when you can go straight to the horses mouth. OK, it won’t be as representative and you may struggle to attract non-customers, but accredited market research is only superfluously representative (methodology biases, non-response and so on).

    Ideally, we would see the industry fragment into four distinct areas
    – Pure data collection – do what the client wants, no questions asked
    – Consultancy work where desk research and a bit of primary data is synthesised into an argument based more on experience and opinion than “fact”
    – Research communities, where people actively join a panel to not only participate in surveys, but to give additional feedback and take more away from the research than a prize draw entry (whether it is networking, on-the-record comments, feedback or suggestions)
    – In depth, long-term projects that utilise our knowledge of cognitive systems, neuroscience and psychology to “extract” the true opinions and motivations

    This view has been shaped by some excellent speakers I have seen at recent conferences. Sadly, while there are certain people and organisations that can adapt to change, the larger agencies that dominate the industry will dig their heels in to protect their market position. It could be some time before credibility is restored


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