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What are social networks good for?

The Freakonomics blog (since last year, hosted by the NY Times) organized a great forum a few days ago on what social networks are doing to society, featuring an A-list of academic participants (which makes a nice change from all us pontificating plannery types).

The highlights include several thoughts on the values created via the strength of weak ties, including some recent research from Michigan State University demonstrating the way that social networks increase our social capital by exposing us to diverse information, ideas, and perspectives that we would never have received if limited to face-to-face interactions.


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  1. Reza says:

    Dear Friend,
    A group of researchers at University of Nevada, Las Vegas, are investigating effects of Weblogs on “Social Capital”. Therefore, they have designed an online survey. By participating in this survey you will help researches in “Management Information Systems” and “Sociology”. You must be at least 18 years old to participate in this survey. It will take 5 to 12 minutes of your time.
    Your participation is greatly appreciated. You will find the survey at the following link. http://faculty.unlv.edu/rtorkzadeh/survey
    This group has already done another study on Weblogs effects on “Social Interactions” and “Trust”. To obtain a copy of the previous study brief report of findings you can email Reza Vaezi at reza.vaezi@yahoo.com.

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