Lots going on

Since I haven’t had time to write I thought I could at least point you towards some other important stuff to read.

John Grant wrote a howitzer of a post this week – part wake up call and part call to arms regarding the state of the planet, based on some new scientific data that’s just being released.  It’s at the same time one of the most terrifying and most inspiring things I’ve read in a while. It shook a lot of people (I’ve been thinking about it ever since), and the ripples are already spreading around the web. Every person on the planet with marketing skills should be spending time thinking about how to address these issues right now. His previous post is also a must-read – it lays out some tools on how we can all start working on this.

In slightly happier news, John’s also working on a talk for the 40th anniversary of planning event in the summer. He’s trying to collect 40 people to help write an open-source talk. He’s still looking for a few contributors, so if you’re game, go here to get involved.

And on the topic of group writing, the captains of crowd-sourcing, Drew and Gavin, are at it again – based on the success of last year’s Age of Conversation book (written by 103 authors including some of the brightest thinkers & bloggers in the marketing worlds), they’re going to publish a second one this year. Drew’s got more info here – the call for authors is closed now but more details on the book will be announced soon.

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One thought on “Lots going on

  1. John Grant’s post is really alarming. I tend to assume that someone somewhere is on top of all of this but it occurred to me that we may be in collective denial.

    Especially those of us who work in marketing support. Are we refusing to face the fact that consumerism with its ideal of ever increasing individual choice is in contradiction to the ideals of citizenship (collective mandated action) needed to avert catastrophe?

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