Planning For Good update

pfglogo125x125.jpgLots of PFG news.  

1) We have an official blog/website.  Check it out at

2) Membership is now up over 1,150 people around the world. Amazing. 

3) A huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the UNICEF brief. Gareth and Ed presented to UNICEF last week and got a really positive response. The presentation will be posted publicly soon.

4) There’s a new brief up for Live Earth. Read about it here or here. Last year’s global series of Live Earth concerts raised awareness around the world for climate change. But as most people know, awareness and change is lagging most in the US. So in 2008 Live Earth wants to reach out to US college students. They want to ultimately reach half of the US undergrad population next year. They’ve asked PFG how to do that. Submissions are due December 17th – local groups are meeting this week and next, check out the blog for details in your city. For those of you in Toronto, we’ll be meeting on Friday Dec 7th for breakfast.

5) Our first PFG event is happening! If you’re in NYC next Monday come on out. I’ll quote Ed here: Next Monday (7-9pm) December 10th, Good Magazine will be hosting an evening for Planning for Good at its pop-up store in Nolita. There will be music by James Friedman, short bursts of inspirational speaking from Graham Hill of Treehugger, Matisse Bustos Hawkes of Witness, Alisa Aydin of UNICEF, Andrew Friedman of Make the Road by Walking and Gareth Kay/Ed Cotton from Planning for Good. There will also be drinking and socializing.”  Space is limited, and priority will go to PFG members – all the more reason to sign up and participate (not that you needed a reason, of course). Sadly, I can’t attend – have a drink for me.

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